The most reliable cookgroup
on the market

Providing you the best experience with our exclusive and high quality services. We are not just a cookgroup, we are a family.



Custom monitors

We offer over 100+ custom monitors, all made from our developers in order to give the best and most exclusive copping experience to our customers. We improve our monitors daily and add more stores constantly in order to never miss a release.


Thanks to our experienced staff, we grant a 24/7 support . If you have any kind of question, feel free to open a ticket or simply ask in the chat!

Shopify Monitor

Our blazing fast Shopify monitors allows you to always be the first to catch a drop or a restock! We are currently monitoring 130+ Shopify sites.


We always try to get the best groupbuys from the most important bots and proxies providers for our members.

Release guides

Detailed release guides and high-quality sitelists are written to help our members not to miss any release. From keywords to optimal delays, we provide everything necessary.

Off-White Monitor

Our off-white monitor is custom made and this is why is so succesful. Being custom made allow us to constantly improve its efficence and its power.


What sites do you monitor?

We monitor all the main european websites and many lowkey stores. We update our list weekly and always listen to our customers' suggestions.
Do you offer groupbuys?

We will provide exclusive groupbuys on bots, proxies and services to get you all set up for the future releases.
Do you provide early links?

We will provide all the necessary early links and informations in order to let you setup your bots in time and increase the chances of securing hyped items.
Do you have guides?

We provide numerous guides that will help you deepen your knowledge and experience.